NOOO! Malcolm X was a Mason.

Pointing to one eye, Wearing Masonic ring. 

I did not mind Obama, I had no issue with Oprah, I didnt even care about the pope. But Malcolm X... I could really relate to him. We share the same chinese zodiac sign and element (only happens once every 60 years!). He was an intellectual, turned spiritual, then turned loving.. He stood for justice, he stood for self respect. Or so I thought... Perhaps he was killed because he was trying to leave Illuminati but nevertheless, it is a disappointment. Then I'm thinking, of course he was a mason, how else would he have become so big? And if Farrakhan is Illuminati, and Nation of Islam is Illuminati, why not Malcolm? Does that mean Dick Gregory is Illuminati too? Who is NOT Illuminati?? I am almost looking for handsigns at family gatherings..

Huey P. Newton is another former hero of mine. Well, not hero perhaps but I did admire the intellect. Not so admirable when he's on the same team as Musharraf, LOL!

Huey P. Newton of the Black Panthers

On a lighter note, we are all on the same team on a higher level anyway. So dont feed any fear or anger energy to the harmless hungry ones who keep trying to provoke you. 

Peace :)

UPDATE 16 april 2011: see this post that i posted a few weeks later: http://eminekarakaya.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-apologies-regarding-malcolm-x.html

all my love!


  1. Isn't that a Islamic ring? Perhaps this makes sense to me on some level. But I do not want to beLIEve it.

  2. well, I believe it is a Nation of Islam ring, therefore not Islamic, but by definition rather Illuminati. Nation of Islam is not a genuinely Islamic organisation, and was Illuminati from inception. to this day it is illuminati so it would not make sense that Malcolm X (obvious clue in the X) was not willingly involved to begin with.

  3. Of course Malcolm X was a Mason. Elijah Muhammad even released a book on the Masons & their secrets. Masons were Muslims, not some of the conspiracy theories popping out nowadays by paranoid liberals.

  4. a late update: I think i was wrong about malcolm. i think he was just naive and clueless about elijah muhammads connections. so, sure he was a part of an illuminati organisation, but like so many millions of other he did not know it. and when he started to understand he was killed. many religions and organisations are the same in that sense and the people joining them dont usually know whats going on. just like entertainers who dont understand that they are using trigger words or showing signals or symbols that represent the illuminati and its branches.

    anyway i have another post where i apologise to this amazing man for misunderstanding him. i think i might put in a link to that just so that we can be clear.

    Peace! :D

  5. Is that a Freemason Shriner color with Star and Crescent Moon?

  6. AnonymousMay 11, 2013

    And so what? People just speak on things they have no clue about. Not all masonic lodges are involved in any 'world order' - black people couldn't join white lodges so they had their own - nothing mysterious or evil about it. RELAX

  7. AnonymousMay 30, 2013

    well i believe that malcom x speaks the truth. he always talked about the white man and how they were leading this country to the wrong path. but its not all white people it is the people with power, money. masons were perfectionists and if you read "The Book of Law" youll see that the judicial branch has the same rules as that book. egyptians believe that there should be cruel punishment for those who steal and those who betray it. those who are over the law they will ease through it because thier rich

  8. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    It makes you feel like who do you trust? An easy response to that is "God". We go around seeking answers. We tend to seek refuge on people. Yes, they may speak truth, but a relation with God is the best way to find guidance. I respect Malcolm X for the man that he was. But at the end of the day, God, in Jesus name is our saviour.

  9. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    LMAO. thats a NOI ring. do some real research. nothing wrong with being a mason. it just matters if you are working for the 33rds and/or the people who really control everything including freemasons

    1. Yes, I said in another comment that that is a NOI ring. :) Im not a fan of your tone. "do some real research" is argumentative and comes from the EGO. I am tempted to explain the amount of research i have fitted into my young life. But the point is, express you thoughts and feelings and dont hate on me cuz im cute and my thoughts are read by more people ;)

      Bless you.

  10. You're absolutely, ridiculously retarded. Everyone who makes a similar hand gesture is not part of a secret organization. Huey is throwing a fist for revolution, you waste of space.

  11. Where can I find some convincing evidence of Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam being part of the Masons? I am open to believing it I just need some kind of proof.

  12. Mr false Anonymous is not "Anonymous" at all.. yet an masonic imposter. He is not the real deal.. ignore his false doctrine as masonic lies to further blur the truth about his evil religion of freemasonry.


  13. Real Anonymous has a war with Masons for their great crimes against all in this world and their master plans. https://www.facebook.com/groups/568628163163067/

    Masons fear truth... exposure of their criminal acts.... Join the legion and root out these evils. As for the Anonymous listed above.. all eyes are on you homie.


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